Work Benches & Enclosures

Darjon Mouldings are able to produce GRP workbenches and enclosures to your exacting requirements. Darjon Mouldings have recently produced this fibreglass ‘Composite Processing Extraction Bench’ for Dark Matter Composites.

“As a lead training provider in the field of composites, we produce a number of bespoke products, which make use of composites, for our own use and that of our customers. We have used Darjon Mouldings for over 5 years to produce a range of fibreglass mouldings for our products. We demand high standards of moulding and have been very satisfied with the mouldings supplied over the years. Mouldings have included intricate tooling duplication, production moulds, production components and course blanks. Our latest product is our ‘Composite Processing Extraction Bench’. Darjon Mouldings produce the housing components for extraction units where the first batch was provided to a tier one aerospace supplier.”

Rodney Hansen – Dark Matter Composites

As you can see these products are for use in robust industrial applications. We are also able to produce bench seating for domestic and commercial environments, please click here for more information on these products.

Fibreglass when correctly used, will provide a strong, attractive and durable finish:

  • Lasts a lifetime – made of the toughest glass reinforced plastic.
  • No rips or leaks – because the unit has no seams and is one continuous surface.
  • Fire resistant resin available upon request.
  • Chemical resistant resin available upon request.

“Here in the UK, the term ‘Fibreglass’ has become the universal term for this material. There are, however, a number of terms and spellings used to describe Fibreglass and these include Fiberglass, Fibre Glass, Fiber Glass, Glassfibre, Glassfiber, Glass Fibre, Glass Fiber and GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic.”

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