Swimming Pool

This external swimming pool was refurbishment by Darjon Mouldings was for a residential property in Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. The swimming pool is 100 square metres and is fully lined with fibreglass. The steps are preformed fibreglass and the entire structure was finished according to the client’s chosen colour scheme.

This swimming pool was previously lined with fibreglass but to an unsatisfactory standard. The structure had started to deteriorate due to the poor application of the fibreglass. Darjon Mouldings were contracted to correct the workmanship of other installers. With their 30 years in the business and a reputation for quality workmanship, they were an ideal choice.

Fibreglass when correctly used, will provide a strong, attractive and durable finish:

  • Lasts a lifetime – made of the toughest glass reinforced plastic.
  • No rips or leaks – because the unit has no seams and is one continuous surface.
  • Fire resistant resin available upon request.
  • Chemical resistant resin available upon request.

“Here in the UK, the term ‘Fibreglass’ has become the universal term for this material. There are, however, a number of terms and spellings used to describe Fibreglass and these include Fiberglass, Fibre Glass, Fiber Glass, Glassfibre, Glassfiber, Glass Fibre, Glass Fiber and GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic.”

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