Sole Sensation Spa

Sole Sensation is a spa franchise with premises in Hornchurch and Loughton, Essex. Darjon Mouldings was commissioned to construct this spa pool for use in the Sole Sensation premises in Hornchurch. Due to space limitations on the premises an off-the-shelf spa pool was unsuitable and so a one-off, bespoke design was constructed to the client’s exact requirements.

After meeting with the client, we were able to suggest features that would provide safety for Spa customers. These included non-slip seating and flooring as well as features that would save heating costs for the client in the form of an insulated design. The necessity for these features became apparent when it was learned that the spa would need to be kept at a constant temperature for the therapeutic fish used by the spa. General discussion also let to measures being taken to accommodate any health and safety issues raised.

The net result was that Sole Sensation benefited hugely as a business from the extensive experience provided by the Darjon Mouldings team.

Fibreglass when correctly used, will provide a strong, attractive and durable finish:

  • Lasts a lifetime – made of the toughest glass reinforced plastic.
  • No rips or leaks – because the unit has no seams and is one continuous surface.
  • Fire resistant resin available upon request.
  • Chemical resistant resin available upon request.

“Here in the UK, the term ‘Fibreglass’ has become the universal term for this material. There are, however, a number of terms and spellings used to describe Fibreglass and these include Fiberglass, Fibre Glass, Fiber Glass, Glassfibre, Glassfiber, Glass Fibre, Glass Fiber and GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic.”

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