GRP Seating

Darjon Mouldings were commissioned to produce a bespoke seating area for customers of Tilbury Taxis. We were able to create a low maintenance bench seat design with built in storage areas. An ideal product for waiting areas.

Fibreglass when correctly used, will provide a strong, attractive and durable finish:

  • Lasts a lifetime - made of the toughest glass reinforced plastic.
  • No rips or leaks - because the unit has no seams and is one continuous surface.
  • Fire resistant resin available upon request.
  • Chemical resistant resin available upon request.

"Here in the UK, the term 'Fibreglass' has become the universal term for this material. There are, however, a number of terms and spellings used to describe Fibreglass and these include Fiberglass, Fibre Glass, Fiber Glass, Glassfibre, Glassfiber, Glass Fibre, Glass Fiber and GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic."