Darjon Mouldings work closely with UK based Aquascapes who specialise in wet leisure facilities including pool construction and maintenance.

Previous work commissioned by Aquascapes includes fibreglass encapsulation of UPVC piping, making it stronger and more robust. The alternative would have been expensive stainless steel and the time constraints would not have been appropriate.

Darjon Mouldings have also produced items for use in swimming pools such as a mushroom water feature and stepping stones as shown in the photographs. The mushroom water feature was designed and produced with a pipe in the centre to allow water to be pumped out of the top.

Darjon Mouldings have worked closely with Aquascapes during 2012/2013 to install water features and a swimming pool in holiday parks in Weymouth Bay, Dorset. Ideal for water parks and related facilities, fibreglass does not require costly maintenance.

Fibreglass when correctly used, will provide a strong, attractive and durable finish:

  • Lasts a lifetime - made of the toughest glass reinforced plastic.
  • No rips or leaks - because the unit has no seams and is one continuous surface.
  • Fire resistant resin available upon request.
  • Chemical resistant resin available upon request.

"Here in the UK, the term 'Fibreglass' has become the universal term for this material. There are, however, a number of terms and spellings used to describe Fibreglass and these include Fiberglass, Fibre Glass, Fiber Glass, Glassfibre, Glassfiber, Glass Fibre, Glass Fiber and GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic."